University council

The results are in, I got voted in the university council as member of the Utrecht PhD Party (UPP)! Here are some statistics: In total, 32,8% of the eligible employees voted. In total, UPP received 378 votes in district Alpha/Gamma (my district). This means that we’ve reached the voting threshold (336.5) for one seat in this…… Continue reading University council

Project expert meeting: “Narratives and Conversion”

On April 10, 2019, my project group will organize an expert meeting with the theme ‘Narrative and Conversion’. See here for the full program description. The meeting consists of a day program with lectures, and a public evening program with a documentary screening. Keynote speakers will include Karen Skinazi(University of Bristol), Vanessa Vroon-Najem(University of Amsterdam), and Miranda…… Continue reading Project expert meeting: “Narratives and Conversion”