Doing Transgender and Religion

Together with a group of researchers from different universities, both from religious studies and gender studies, we have started a project about transgender and religion in the Netherlands. At the NOG Research Day ‘Doing Gender in the Netherlands’ about transgender issues, I presented some of the key issues at stake in this project. This is an…… Continue reading Doing Transgender and Religion


Dear readers, A lot has happened since I last posted. Most importantly, I will start as a PhD candidate at Utrecht University in a few weeks! Of course, I’m very excited with this opportunity to continue and expand my research and writing in this new project (at the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies). And…… Continue reading News!

“Demonstrating Dutch” – Politiek en Wetenschap

Eind 2014 heb ik een artikel geschreven voor ‘Frame, Journal for Literary Studies’, in een speciale uitgave over racisme in Nederland: “Demonstrating Dutch: Nationalism and Cultural Racism in the 2013 Anti-Putin and Pro-Black Pete Protests in the Netherlands.” Niet heel toevallig werd dit gepubliceerd rond 5 december, midden in ‘de zwarte pieten discussie’ waar iedereen ondertussen niks…… Continue reading “Demonstrating
Dutch” – Politiek en Wetenschap