University council

The results are in, I got voted in the university council as member of the Utrecht PhD Party (UPP)! Here are some statistics:

In total, 32,8% of the eligible employees voted. In total, UPP received 378 votes in district Alpha/Gamma (my district). This means that we’ve reached the voting threshold (336.5) for one seat in this district, which is for me. My colleague Anne van Veen has been voted in as well, she was awarded one of the spare seats (‘restzetels’) in the Beta district. UUinActie is the newcomer this time, with one seat in Alpha/Gamma. The other seats are for list VLAM. See here for the full results.

This all means that we have two members of the Utrecht PhD party in the university council from September 2019 – August 2021, and I will be the only member from the department of Philosophy and Religious studies. To everyone who voted: Thanks!

In the upcoming years, me and Anne will be devoted to represent PhDs at Utrecht University, but additionally advocate for important issues of sustainability, diversity and accessibility. You can follow us on Twitter (@utrechtPhDParty) and Facebook.