New publication: ‘Religion, sexual ethics, and the politics of belonging’

Together with Daan Beekers (University of Edinburgh), I wrote an article about young adult’s sexual ethics in relation to religion. The article has now been published in Social Compass. How do Dutch religious young adults deal with questions of sexuality? How do their religious morals impact their sexual acts? What is the difference between Muslim and Christian young…… Continue reading New publication: ‘Religion, sexual ethics, and the politics of belonging’

New publication! ‘Transition and Authority’

The journal Religion and Gender (Brill publishers) recently published one of my articles with the title ‘Transition and Authority: Transgender Women and Religious Leadership in the Netherlands’. I based this on a close reading of two case studies of transgender women who experienced a loss of religious authority. The article is currently under embargo, but those…… Continue reading New publication! ‘Transition and Authority’

University council

The results are in, I got voted in the university council as member of the Utrecht PhD Party (UPP)! Here are some statistics: In total, 32,8% of the eligible employees voted. In total, UPP received 378 votes in district Alpha/Gamma (my district). This means that we’ve reached the voting threshold (336.5) for one seat in this…… Continue reading University council