Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities

Since July 2017, I took over the role of editor-in-chief of  Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities. We have just published our latest issue 2:2 ‘Imaginaries of the Future’, edited by Hannah Ackermans, Christopher Berrisford and Jessie Wei-Hsuan Chen.

Junctions is an online, open access and peer reviewed graduate journal based at Utrecht University run completely by students of the Humanities faculty (except for my role). Junctions aims to provide students with the opportunity to disseminate their research to a diverse audience of peers and professionals, and to provide graduate students with relevant practical experience of organising and maintaining a peer-reviewed open access journal.  Current Issue

This issue explores Imaginaries Futures and provides provide a critical reflection of past ‘imaginings’, such as analyses of dystopian literature, preservation of heritage and influence of technology on social relations.

The cover image shows “Children at the Sea” by well-known Dutch photographer Willem van de Poll, which is, ironically, ‘undated’. It shows a younger generation looking into the unknown, the sea that cannot yet be conquered by the subject nor seen in the photograph. In this manner, the photograph visualizes this Junctions issue as encompassing the variety of imagining the futures. Whatever the future might entail, what ties the articles together is primarily the process of looking at the future rather than the content on the imagined futures. Accordingly, the special issue ‘Imaginaries of the Future’ holds a tension in its phrasing. The word ‘imaginaries’ holds the connotation of fiction, implying existence only in the minds of their creators, whereas there is a connotation of fact when it comes to ‘future’, which describes that which is not yet real, but will be.

If you’re interested in joining us as board member, or peer reviewer, you can find us at junctionsjournal@gmail.com


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